CBD and Pelvic Pain

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CBD and Pelvic Pain

Chronic pain can be a real...well, pain. Those that suffer from it have a constant distraction day in and day out that will inevitably lower their quality of life. That pain becomes even more annoying when it’s in the pelvis, as that part of the body controls so much of our movement. Chronic pain localized to the pelvis can come in many forms from specific nerve pain, to general cramps, and even menstrual pains. Relief from these pains can be hard to come by and there are many who’ve given up looking for a proper solution. Those that are searching need look no farther however, as CBD might be the answer.

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. Unlike the other major compound, THC, it doesn’t cause a high or alter your mental state in any way. Its primary function is to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and relax the mind. For this reason, many have begun using it to treat symptoms of painful diseases as well as the everyday pains of life. This includes all things pelvis related.

A common pain that people deal with in the pelvis is related to the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body. It is located in the lower back and runs alongside your hips, legs, and feet on both legs. It is unfortunately easy to injure something that affects the sciatic nerve a great deal. Some of the things that cause the sciatic nerve to flair with pain include a herniated disk in your spine, bone spurs in your legs, and spinal stenosis, aka, spinal narrowing.

Thankfully, CBD can help with nearly all of these pains. CBD interacts with the entirety of the body when you take it and can help throughout the sciatic nerve instead of just in a localized place like most other drugs. It also reduces inflammation around the nerve and thus helps reduce pain long-term. This can also reduce pain at the source when it comes to more specific injuries as mentioned before such as bone spurs and spine issues. It does this by lessening the body’s natural autoimmune response of inflammation around injury which lessens the pain that you feel from a chronic condition.

The other most common type of pelvic pain that CBD can help with a great deal is pain from menstrual cramps. During a period, the uterus expels the uterine lining it prepared in preparation for a baby, and to achieve this the uterus contracts. This can be a very painful process and CBD can alleviate a great deal of that pain through its ability to naturally reduce pain by relaxing muscle groups. Some of the pain caused during a period is caused by the inflammation of the reproductive system. The body is going through a major change every cycle and this often causes inflammation, which CBD is a natural cure for. CBD can also help with the other common symptoms of a period by alleviating other symptoms like headaches, nasusia, and overall cramping. This is most often achieved through taking CBD orally, but it can also work to use a topical ointment on the lower abdomen to treat the pain locally.

Pelvic pain is something nearly everyone can relate to as they’ve experienced it in some way or another at some point. From a back injury making the sciatic nerve flair to period cramps, everyone has had a painful pelvis at some point in their life. For that reason, it is all the more important and helpful that studies are showing CBD to be a fantastic answer to the pains of daily life. Now, it’s just a matter of adding it to the routine!

by Nova Team


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