CBD and Epilepsy

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CBD and Epilepsy

Despite the fact that we hear about it every time we start up an exciting movie or action packed video game, many people don’t know much about epilepsy. Over fifty million people worldwide are affected by the condition. For decades, scientists have been searching for effective treatments and eventually a cure, but it is slow going. Fortunately, in more recent years the scientific community has opened up to more alternative forms of medicine and looked into cannabidiol, or CBD, as a potential treatment option. The substance that is drawn from the cannabis plant may be the solution people have been searching for.

To understand how CBD may be the solution people who suffer from epilepsy are searching for, one must first understand epilepsy. Epilepsy is also known as seizure disorder, and is diagnosed by a person having two or more seizures that aren’t caused by another source such as trauma, infection, or fever. While epilepsy is most commonly a genetic disorder, it can be caused by a number of other circumstances such as trauma, a stroke, cancer, and more. Regardless of its source, it is defined by high abnormal circuit activity in the brain. The seizures that epilepsy causes can be enormously damaging to the people affected. There are the obvious outer difficulties like loss of muscle control that can lead to bodily injury, but there are also internal problems that can include memory loss and vomiting. People also have to avoid whatever triggers their seizures which can be difficult at times too, depending on what those triggers are.

Now, the question is, where does CBD fit into all of this? For most people who suffer from epilepsy, anticonvulsant medication is the only option. The downside to these medications is that they have many side effects and, unfortunately, often times don’t work. These side effects can include headaches, nausea, liver failure, depression, trouble sleeping, impotence, and many many more. It comes as no surprise that people would want another option. CBD helps people suffering from epilepsy by acting as a more natural anticonvulsant. Put simply, both the more intense drugs and CBD work to slow down and block certain neurotransmitters which help with the abnormal signals in the brain. The benefit is that CBD has no negative side effects like the more powerful pharmaceuticals do. This means you get similar benefits without damage to your liver or mood changes.

Now that the stigma around cannabis has reduced with its legalization in many states and countries, scientists are finally able to study it to their full ability. With access to more resources, more and more people will be able to take advantage of the benefits and people with epilepsy can find relief without the horrible side effects of powerful pharmaceuticals.

by Nova Team


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